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September 5, 2018

New Sales Management Course

by mrshmooze

As you might surmise, our Mr. Shmooze community includes all sorts of people who are interested in selling and communications including business owners, sales managers and salespeople.
Historically our focus has been on helping salespeople ply their trade, but over the years many of you have asked if we have anything specifically for owners and managers . . . something that can help you develop your strategies and build outstanding sales teams.
Because of this, I wanted to announce in today’s post our new, online course entitled, The Best Damn Sales Manager’s Guide Ever! 
The reason for our reference to the former sports show from years ago is because we have developed this guide around the idea that championship sports teams and championship sales teams are developed using many of the same management and development techniques.
And those dominant organizations like the University of Alabama’s football team, the New England Patriots, Google and Apple have much in common for us to consider and use in building our own high performance sales teams.
So take a look . . . you can read the first chapter before committing to the investment, and we guarantee your satisfaction with the course or you can request a full refund.
If you have followed us over the years, you know we try very hard to hit hot topics short, sweet and aggressively, and you will find this resource to be in the same category.  
So take a look now. . . we think you will like what you see!

>> View Course Now <<

sales management course

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