Spring Contact

Here is a Shmooze idea for you just in time for spring.
I know a salesman who, every spring, sends his clients a small tree to plant in their yards. He also sends along a note that goes something like this.
“Spring is a time of renewal, a time of hope and a time for fresh thoughts about our lives, our families and our environment. Please gather your family together this weekend to plant this small tree as a contribution to our world, and as a symbol of our friendship, which I also hope will grow and prosper.”
This particular fellow has been sending these out for several years, and some of his customers have turned it into a regular spring ritual with their families.
Obviously, with the sustainability movement now in high gear, his concept is more popular than ever.
I do not endorse specific products, but I Googled “small plant gift ideas,” and a ton of sites came up if you are interested, from trees to succulents to office plant cubes.
I really like this concept. It is timely, positive and a great “touch” relative to constant contact with our clients.
It is one of those gifts that, hopefully, keeps on giving.

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