Managing the Power in a Buyer/Seller Relationship


We are involved in many relationships in our lives . . . spouses, co-workers, friends. And within the scope of these relationships, the power ebbs and flows depending upon the dynamics therein.
But there is one relationship in which the person with the power is naturally defined. That is, the buyer/seller relationship.
In this case, and we all get to take this position from time to time, the buyer is naturally, or at least should be, in the more powerful position.
I bring this up because I have often seen salespeople compete with buyers for the power position, or try to establish intellectual superiority, because their egos just can’t stand it any other way.
This is extremely risky, because while the seller may win the point, buyers want to know that sellers recognize their positions in the transaction, and this occurs by making them feel as important as you can.
But I am not advocating simply kissing up or giving in to ideas that may produce bad results for both sides.
I am just reminding all salespeople, not to get too caught up in your own thoughts and ideas, to pay close attention, not only to what the buyer is saying, but to how they are feeling in the course of any given discussion.
There are plenty of other relationships in which you can assume command, but in this one, the buyer is the boss, and should be respected as such.

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