Spend More Time Selling

Can you believe it is already August?! As everybody comes back from summer vacations and kids get back into the routine of school, I am going to challenge you to focus on one thing for the remainder of this year . . .
If you do not do anything else relative to your work in 2019, SPEND MORE TIME SELLING! 

Every bit of research shows that salespeople spend much less time selling than they should, or could.

That’s because selling is hard . . . it takes tremendous courage, fortitude and energy, and there are just so many distractions that get in between you and engaging your customers.
Here is a tip from a great salesperson I know:
He keeps a diary in which he records the time he actually speaks to a customer and what transpires. Not a CRM program per se, just something he carries that reminds him what the whole point of being a salesperson is all about. He starts out the year with a blank slate and then he does his best to fill the pages. He has gotten to the point where it drives him crazy if he goes too long without communicating with a customer or prospect.
Believe it or not, most salespeople spend less than 10% of their time actually selling. And, the ones who spend more time than that consistently outperform others.
So, let’s all refocus for the last part of 2019. Let’s push the envelope and spend more time engaging customers than we ever have before.
Then let’s check back on 12/31/19 and see how things turned out.

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