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October 7, 2019

Don’t Waste Your Expensive Brochures

by mrshmooze

Yesterday I received a very expensive brochure in the mail, almost magazine quality. It was beautifully designed with striking colors and even wrapped in a transparent wrapper. I was impressed . . . so impressed that I tossed it into the garbage without removing the wrapper. 
I know that you do the same, every day, at home and at work.
This is not a knock on brochures. Most of us use such important collateral material all the time in the course of our direct mail marketing and as leave behinds at meetings. 
But here is the difference.
A brochure, in and of itself, is passive material. It must therefore be brought to life with a customized cover letter, and/or a targeted reference to a prospect’s specific need.
In other words, a compelling reason the prospect should bother reading it.
Let’s say you are selling copiers. You have done some research and know the prospect is a small but growing company. You attach a letter or note to the brochure that says, “This is a great solution for companies that are growing fast. Be sure to check out page five which talks about your ability to trade up, when the time comes, so that you do not get stuck with the old machines.”
Or let’s say that you have had a meeting and you want to follow up by sending a brochure. Again, think about attaching a note which says, “Great meeting. Be sure to take a look at page four which describes the capacity information you asked about.”
You get the picture. Brochures can serve an important purpose relative to branding, impressions and persuasion. But they cannot do their jobs if they are never opened, and therein lies the importance of the accompanying letter, note and “nudge.”
The evidence of higher returns for these simple gestures is overwhelming.

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