It’s a Numbers Game

Research shows that numbers have 10X more impact than words in the context of a sales conversation.

That is obviously a huge incentive for you to convert as many benefits of your products and services as you can into numbers you can communicate at key moments.

For example, if you are selling real estate, you could say:

“Houses in this school district appreciate faster than they do in surrounding communities. Your house will be worth much more when you go to sell it.”

But you should say:

“Houses in this school district have historically appreciated 3% faster per year than in surrounding communities. That is a $100,000 advantage over 10 years.”

Not only do numbers capture attention, they are more memorable than words and will stick with the buyer when they are thinking about you and your conversation later.

So, it is a good idea to occasionally run through your value proposition/sales pitch and, wherever natural, replace words with numbers.

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