Happy Holidays & Happy Selling

We are going to take the rest of December to refresh. But first, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank each of you for your support of our mission . . . providing insight and information to the most dynamic and interesting set of people in the business world . . . salespeople.

I make this next statement with complete conviction and sincerity.

Salespeople are the last pure capitalists. You wake up each morning unemployed and you have to get up, put the helmet on and produce. Nobody “gives” salespeople anything. You are lean and mean. You live by your wits and you eat what you kill. You are the tigers of the business rainforest.

I know that some who read this blog may not be strictly salespeople, you may be managers or professionals who also pursue a craft beyond selling, but you read our blog because you know that, at some level, we must all sell our ideas, and that we must all sell ourselves, in order to accomplish our objectives. To you I say, “Congratulations,” because you have decided to rise above your less ambitious peers, and your less energetic competitors, to enter that most rare of all realms, the realm of “rainmaker.”

To me, the selling life is the greatest life in the world. It combines curiosity with problem solving, human interaction with personal passion. It generates competitive fire and the ultimate sense of fulfillment when a transaction is achieved and each party is delighted with the result.

And sales, at its best, provides us with a daily opportunity to help people, to lift their spirits, to generate fellowship and build lifelong relationships.

So, remember, you are a very, very important person. The very life of your company depends upon how you and your fellow salespeople perform. Would you have it any other way?

We want to wish each of you a great holiday season and a healthy and happy 2020!

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