Stress = Opportunity

Coronavirus! Stock market dive! The world is ending!

girl sitting at laptop working on business objectives

Not really, but as the stress levels go up people do begin to behave differently, and that can be good news for salespeople.

Suddenly, prospects are more alert, more worried, more interested in news and better solutions. They put an invisible sign up that says, “HELP!” and if you can help them, they may be more willing to listen.

Using an analogy, it is kind of like a property owner who won’t take a pitch on a water vacuum until they have a flood.

When things are cruising along, it is very hard to get prospects to listen to new ideas. But when the going gets tough, they often open up their minds to innovation, solutions and emotional relief.

It is therefore an excellent time for you to make the rounds while emotions are running high and find any way you can to help people with their material needs and soothe them a bit emotionally.

People may be divided these days politically, but we are all in this together when the chips are really down.

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