Watch and Learn from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

campaign office conversations

This is one of those elections that most of us would like to get behind us, and we are apolitical in this blog so we will leave it at that.

But I do like to remind my fellow communicators and salespeople every four years to watch the show from the perspective of identifying and learning from the different techniques the candidates’ staff are using to sell their “products,” as well as how the candidates themselves are communicating, good and bad.

  • What gets your attention?
  • What turns you on or off?
  • What colors are being used in ads?
  • What are the candidates wearing?
  • What is their body language and what does it signal?

And certainly, when the debates come, take the position as a buyer and note how the candidates are answering questions – techniques they are using to answer them directly or how they handle it when they get uncomfortable.

Some of the best minds in marketing, sales and communications are being paid millions of dollars to run these campaigns and coach these candidates. I know the temptation for many is to conclude they are doing a terrible job, but even that can be a lesson for us of what NOT to do when we are selling and communicating ourselves.

For better or worse, it’s a great laboratory that only comes around every four years, watch and learn.

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