The Ultimate Sales and Service Secret!

I recently heard a great summation of what we need to do to stand out in sales or service . . . “Give the customer something no one else in the world gives them.” 

When it comes to sales, to me, this means love and attention. When all of our competitors have stopped loving the prospect or client, we keep going. We provide more service. We provide more passion. We provide more benefits. We take everything further than our competitors because we hold our sales and service to a higher standard than anyone else, period.

A reporter once asked Muhammad Ali if he timed his running workouts. Ali said, “No . . . I have a different method. I just run until I am exhausted, and then I REALLY start running.” Spoken like a champion.

The same can be said for sales and service. When everyone else thinks they have given it everything they can, then we can REALLY start servicing our customers.

So here is your question for the week: What are you going to do for your prospect or client that no one else does for them?  

Think about it. Write it down, right now. Then DO it!

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