The Mask: How Buyers Reveal Their Preferences

Most of us know intuitively that we each have two personas in play: The person we really are. The person we want the world to think we are. Both affect our buying decisions, but the second persona, our… Read More

Turn Your Prospect Upside Down

Want to have a little fun and stand out with a prospect who you know is creative and has a sense of humor?  Send a letter printed “upside down” on your stationery that goes something like this.

The Psychology of “NO”

For such a small word, it is amazing how much power the word “no” carries in our language. “No” can completely short circuit a conversation. “No” can stifle creativity and stop collaboration cold. “No” can harken back to… Read More

Relationship Selling is Key, Even During a Crisis

There is a mirror image, a flipside if you will, to the challenges the current economy brings to you as salespeople. That is, it is the best time in years to take customers away from your competitors and… Read More

Open Your Next Sales Call With this Powerful Twist

We know from research that generating an interactive dialogue is a much more effective means of selling than simply presenting a “show and tell” monologue. A great way to set the tone for an interactive meeting is to… Read More

How To Be a Likable Salesperson

Have you ever wondered why some people are so darn likable? You know the type . . . you are at a party meeting new people, everyone is a little uptight, and along comes someone who you immediately… Read More

The Ultimate Win/Win: Sales Training vs. Mentoring

I am a big proponent of sales training. It goes without saying that a salesperson must have absolute command of the pivotal benefits of his products and services to be credible and compelling when communicating with buyers. And… Read More

Real Networking vs. Name Gathering

Even prior to “social networking” on the Internet, most salespeople considered networking to be a top priority in the sense that the more people we know the more likely it is that someone can help us in our… Read More

The Ultimate Sales and Service Secret!

I recently heard a great summation of what we need to do to stand out in sales or service . . . “Give the customer something no one else in the world gives them.” 

When is the Best Time to Present: First, Middle or Last?

People often ask me when it is best to present when competing in a proposal process . . . first, middle or last. The answer, if you can arrange it, is last. The reason is based on something… Read More

Energizing the Super Power of Your Rolodex

The many people who are involved in our Mr. Shmooze community are interested in dynamic customer relations. Most of you spend a lot of time trying to enhance those relationships both personally and as a smart and enjoyable… Read More