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And the Award for Best Picture Goes to . . . . Whoops!

For those of us who watched the Academy Awards, we were shocked to witness the biggest mistake in the show’s history when they announced and presented the best picture award to the wrong movie. And yet, like mistakes we all make, it set up an opportunity for forgiveness if handled well . . . and it was.  Read more »


Quality Observations from the Road

I just returned from some business travel where I always get to observe some great Mr. Shmooze moves (and sometimes the reverse). In other words . . . “elevation.”

  1. I was dining at a fine restaurant. I needed to use the restroom and asked my waiter where it was. Most waiters would point it out. This waiter said, “Follow me . . . I will show you.” Nice! Read more »

Keep Your Customers Close

A colleague and I were signing in to see a prospect about a request for proposal when we noticed some competitors’ names, including the fellow who had been representing the client in the most recent past, and whom we naturally felt had the inside track this time around.
To test the waters, when the prospect came around to see us, I jokingly said, “Looks like Steve beat us to the punch.” The prospect’s reply was absolutely chilling to anyone who sells for a living. Read more »


Here’s What Salespeople Can Learn From Tom Brady

Well, after Sunday’s Super Bowl, Tom Brady took his place among the all-time greatest quarterbacks in NFL history . . . some say the greatest. A special talent for sure, but did you know that he is also considered one of the hardest working players in the NFL during the offseason?   Read more »


The Power of Giving Thanks

One of the more interesting areas of research that we conduct relates to the awesome power of linguistics, that is, the words we use not only to communicate, but to develop thoughts in our heads.
We all know, for example, that positive words can put us in a positive frame of mind, and that powerful, action words can spice up a sales presentation.
But today, let’s focus on two of the most familiar, yet emotionally charged phrases in the English language . . . “thank you” and “you’re welcome.” Read more »