The Universal Constant – Relationships

I am privileged to have a diverse group of followers who read this blog, from different industries like Real Estate to Steel, Printing to Banking, Automotive to Insurance and many more. 
So as we move into quarter two of 2018, each person is focusing on his or her own market. Some industries are providing more opportunity than ever for immediate gain, while others perhaps requiring more patience, such as Commercial Real Estate or Luxury Automotive Sales.
The reason I bring this up is because I always want these posts to be realistic and practical. 
A salesperson who is grappling with selling office buildings when buyers are not currently active, doesn’t want to hear a bunch of rah-rah stuff about maintaining enthusiasm. 
What I can say, however, and what I will continue to write about with passion and conviction, are the universal things great salespeople consistently do, at all times, in every industry, to outperform their competitors. 
And it all starts with relationships.
Building and cultivating relationships is something that can be pursued anytime, anywhere and in any market. 
Great salespeople keep ferocious track of their relationships, relentlessly try to enrich them, and are constantly on alert for new ones.
They begin each year knowing exactly how many great relationships they are starting with, a goal of how many they want to have at year end, and a plan for how to get there.
I have started two potentially great new relationships in quarter one of 2018, and I am looking to establish a few more in quarter two. How about you?
What’s your plan for building and cultivating your relationships this year?

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