The Customer is Back . . . Where He/She Belongs

Last week while traveling on business, I experienced something that, until recently, was a rare phenomenon at most restaurants . . . great service.
In fact, over-the-top service.
The hostess was smiling, engaging and actually made eye contact (as opposed to rolling her eyes since I did not have a reservation).
The waiter was respectful, did not jump in to constantly interrupt, and kept an eye on us throughout the evening.
The Maitre d’ stopped by to see how we were doing, and later the manager did the same.
Finally, on the way out, the whole team thanked us profusely and presented us with a note for a discount on a future meal.
This isn’t the first pick-up of service I have noticed lately. The same thing has been happening at hotels, oil change shops, and with service contractors.
It’s as if everybody just woke up and realized how precious we are as customers . . . that we can literally make or break their businesses.
Too bad it takes a 30% fall in revenues to induce owners to do what they should have been doing all along . . . treating their customers like the rare and precious jewels that they really are.

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