Know Thy Customer

Your company probably uses some sort of CRM program like, which is great, but I have a question for you. 
Besides logging in meeting notes, quotes and other business data, do you have a confidential place you establish and maintain the personality/emotional profile of your clients and prospects? 

  • What kind of buying personality do they have? 
  • Are they innovators or risk adverse? 
  • Do they like to get right to the point or do they like data? 
  • Do they enjoy forming personal relationships or are they suspicious of doing so? 


You see . . . buyers analyze with the intellectual sides of their brains, but pushing the button to actually buy is an emotional decision/moment. 
Knowing how the buyer perceives the world, processes information and generates emotions are the keys to all successful selling. 
If you rush a processor or bore an innovator it will not really matter how good your product or service is . . . the message just won’t get into the “buy zone.”
There are tons of good resources out there on how to analyze your prospects and clients from a personality perspective. 
It might be a great time, right now, to brush up on this mission critical information and skill set. 

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