A Powerful Selling Lesson from an Unlikely Source

As some of you know, there is a movie out about Fred Rogers who created and delivered Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood for kids for many years on public television.
It is getting five star reviews across the board for its surprising and powerful story of the man and his life’s work.
At one point in the movie, when Congress is threatening to pull the public television budget, Rogers is asked to testify in front of a jaundiced congressional committee. 
You can watch the short YouTube version below . . . make sure you watch it to the very end.
It is one of the great sales moments ever . . . a sale based upon conviction and compassion.
It is amazing to watch Rogers break through the buyer’s outer defenses and bias and connect on an emotional level, the gold standard for all of us as salespeople.
We can learn about our craft from so many different resources if we open our minds and listen.


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