Don’t Let the Honeymoon End . . . Ever

celebrating clients
There is a natural pattern that often occurs after a sale. Everyone is euphoric at the close, there is often a lot of communication for 30 days or so setting things up, then . . . silence.
Now, while there is no way to maintain the peak level of intensity that went into the final days of the transaction, buyers usually suffer a bit of a letdown or “buyer’s remorse” when the relationship downshifts a bit.
This can be a vulnerable time when they may tend to tell others that “the salesperson was my best friend until he closed the deal.”
On the other hand, it can present a tremendous opportunity if you make it a priority to stay in touch, continuing to celebrate the transaction while also paying attention to any issues which inevitably come up.
Buyers are not used to that type of post-transaction attention and not only will it make you stand out, it will help you solidify the relationship for the long term.
All clients want to be shown that they are as important to you as clients as they were as prospects.

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