Do Customers Lust After Your Product?

We have talked a lot about the fact that buying is an emotional decision.
While people will analyze the intellectual exchange of ideas with one side of their brain, they ultimately turn to the emotional side to pull the trigger.
That is why it is not enough for our customers to merely want our product . . . they need to desire it . . . to literally lust for it.
So, how on earth do we create that kind of emotion in a B2B environment?
By personalizing the value proposition.
By finding ways to help the buyer visualize how smart they will look, the promotion they may receive, how admired they will be, when they engage our products and services, because that is exactly what happened to another buyer nearby, a buyer they may know and respect.
Another way to trigger these types of emotions is by implying that your product or service is “not for everyone,” or “really targeted at sophisticated buyers who like to try innovative concepts.”
Making our products and services a bit exclusive or hard to get is a powerful means of attraction. Much like tech companies, when they roll out a limited supply of their latest gadget.
Applying psychology is one of the most fun and enjoyable parts of the great game of selling.

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