Grab Your Audience’s Attention with Your Very First Sentence

I cannot tell you how many sales pitches I have heard that start out something like this:
“Good morning. Thank you for having us here today. We’d like to start out by telling you a little about ourselves.”
Street law: When we start out a speech or sales presentation by talking about “us,” here is what the audience is “really” hearing:
“Good morning. Thank you for having us here today. We are more important than you are, so we are going to talk about ourselves first, for God knows how long, and bore you to tears. Cancel the rest of your appointments and don’t count on getting anything productive done for the rest of the day.”
 Superstar salespeople start out their presentations by going right to the (client’s) heart of the matter . . . with focus and with conviction.
“Good morning, Mr. Client. Let’s talk about how we are going to double your revenues this year.”
 or . . .
“Good morning, Ms. Prospect. We are here to talk about a new product/service that will cut your ____ costs by 20% immediately.”
or . . .
“Good afternoon, Mr. Developer. Here is our plan to solve the access challenge to your new shopping center.”
 Lead with your best shot, which is a combination of the client and their needs . . . not yours. 
If you grab their attention, and solve their problems – trust me, they will get around to your credentials in their own way/time.

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