Curiosity – A Powerful Sales Tool

Curiosity is a particularly strong human trait. It is a hardwired survival trait that has been a part of our progression over thousands of years.
And it can be leveraged in very effective and powerful ways in the context of sales.
Let’s say you are selling a major piece of equipment. You could say something like:

“ABC Company increased its output by 30% when it installed this machine.”

Pretty impressive and a good use of comparative proof.  But what if you said it this way?

“I recently installed this exact piece of equipment over at ABC Company. Guess what happened to the company’s output and the owner, Jim Jackson?” 


“They increased their output by 30%. Jim was so delighted that he shut down the plant for the afternoon and took everyone to Del Frisco’s for a long lunch. Then you know what he did?”


“He put $100 under every person’s plate . . . all 80 employees.”

You see the difference?
By setting up the conversation with a question, we draw the buyer in, energize their imagination and increase their emotional involvement. A much more powerful result than simply “just the facts.”
It’s pretty easy to recast your usual presentation and pepper it with some curiosity.
Try it . . . I think you will like the reactions and the results.

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