Body Language Tells All

I have mentioned several times over the years, over 50% of human communication is nonverbal, but every once in a while, I am reminded of this critical fact in real time.
Over the weekend, I had breakfast at a diner which was in the thick of its rush hour. Our waitress showed up and said all the right things, but she was obviously stressed out. 
She did not make eye contact when taking our orders, she spilled coffee while slinging around the pot and when anyone asked for additional details, she sighed loudly and rolled her eyes. She obviously wanted to be anywhere but in the restaurant and doing anything other than waitressing.
Notice I did not say anything about her language. That’s because she was making all of these points without speaking . . . in other words, with her body language.
That is how powerful our nonverbal communication can be.
So, this week, let’s all think about our nonverbal cues.

  • Are we dressing in a way which signals that we respect our work and our clients?
  • Are we walking confidently and tall, like people with an important purpose?
  • Are we smiling, making eye contact and listening with focus and respect?
  • Are we sending signals that we enjoy our work and celebrate life in general?

Selling is about connecting and buyers want to connect with people who lift their spirits and who inspire them. 
Our body language plays a huge part in that process.

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