Body Over Mind

As a sales athlete, I am playing a little game with myself to help maintain a sense of control during these challenging times.
I’ve decided to get in shape. I don’t mean the garden variety shape. I mean shape like big time cardio/strength training . . . I’m going for it with everything I’ve got.
In fact, the more negativity I hear, the more I crank up my workouts. I figure, I’ll show ’em . . . if it comes down to survival of the fittest, they’re gonna be dealing with Rambo!
OK . . . I’m not going that far, but I have been going for it hard now for several months now and it’s really paying off.
And there are so many benefits:

  • I have a lot more energy.

  • My workouts have short-circuited negativity. I always finish in a great mood.

  • It is well-documented that people are attracted to, and buy from, people who look healthy, are self-confident and energetic.

Most salespeople share a lot of characteristics with competitive athletes . . . we need to train to feel good about ourselves. Getting into shape also makes us feel like we have some control . . . because we do.
And that is a powerful mindset to have in the face of today’s extraordinary pressure.
It’s never too late to get in shape. So, come on . . . you’re a sales athlete . . . get over to the gym.
I guarantee the results!!

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