Elevate Your Game

In our book, “Mr. Shmooze,” we spend a lot of time on the concept of “elevation.” That is, taking the small details that go into our day-to-day interaction with people and “kicking them up a notch” so that we stand out from competitors who mope along without adding any spice to the lives of people around them.
We point out in the book that you never know when you are going to run into an “elevator,” that is, a Mr. or Ms. Shmooze. But when you do, the difference is both inspiring and profound.
This past week, I ran into a concierge, Robert, who makes most concierge people look stoic by comparison.
First of all, his personality lit up the entire lobby. He greeted everyone from the car hops to the bellman by name, and his friendly and booming voice formed the epicenter of the entire lobby area.
When we engaged, he was a great listener. He then began to recommend some restaurants with details about the cuisine and the wine lists that were both knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
Here is the kicker . . .

Later that evening, when we were finishing up dinner with a night cap, who do you think showed up at our table to see how we liked the experience?
You’ve got it . . . Robert . . . who was making the rounds AFTER his shift to see how his clients were doing in each of the places he had sent them. Of course, he also knew everyone who worked in the restaurant as well.
The next day, we spoke again, and I asked Robert about his approach to his work. His answer was right out of our book. He said,
“I LOVE my work! And I LOVE people. There is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than turning people on to this great city and sending them places where I know the staff will take care of them like I would.”
I then asked him about his showing up later and he said,
“That is my way of showing people how much I care, and also my way of letting the restaurants know I am keeping an eye on things. I want my people to get the best tables, superb service and great food.”
So, there it is.
Nine concierges will send you to a close by place that they have a relationship with and forget about it.
The tenth concierge, Robert, listens intensely, matches up your needs with the right resources, comes around and checks on you on his own time, and does it all with contagious enthusiasm and spirit.
We will never forget him . . . the perfect example of the Mr. Shmooze experience and mission.

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