How Pros Connect the Dots

There is a very successful Realtor I know who sells high-end second homes in a fashionable resort community. It is well-documented that the vacation home market is under severe pressure, but, of course, that is when the talent in the industry shows its stuff.
Here is an example.
A major newspaper called my friend for some commentary on the market. She said she would be happy to help. In fact, she had some fresh data the reporter might find compelling. In return, however, she asked to have her picture included in the article and the reporter agreed. They set a date for the interview and the picture shoot.
My friend then picked up the phone and called the owner of a $5 million beachfront home who had just interviewed her and several of her competitors to list the home. She asked the owner if he would like to see a picture of his home in an upcoming article in the major newspaper. She told him tens of thousands of people would see the picture. He said, “of course!” She said, “Great…I am being interviewed this Friday and I will meet the reporter at your home, if you list it with me.” He enthusiastically agreed.
Sure enough, the article came out, and there was the Realtor standing on the veranda of a beautiful home overlooking the surf with a caption that read, “Susan Jones Seeking Offers for New $5 Million Listing. Buyers in Control.”
She had five new showings that week.
In flush times, the orders roll in and everybody’s happy. In challenging times, we have to generate our own momentum, sometimes in unlikely and creative ways.
This Realtor is a heavyweight, a professional who sees opportunities where others do not. She approaches selling as a strategic, proactive game of chess, not a reactionary game of checkers, and she will be selling high-end homes long after most of her competitors have come and gone.

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