One Technique to Get to “Yes”

We have all been in situations in which we know the buyer wants to pull the trigger, and the outcome will be good for everyone, but he cannot quite overcome his fear of making a mistake.
Here is a technique to help move toward closure. It goes something like this.
“Mr. Buyer, if you say “yes” to buying this property, you will be investing in one of the fastest growing areas in the country.”
The simple phrase, “if you say yes” injects some powerful psychology into the discourse.
First of all, many studies have shown that the simple use of the word “yes” in the course of the discussion helps make the buyer more comfortable with the concept as he builds toward using the word to make his ultimate decision.
But in this context, it goes even deeper by triggering an analysis of the costs and consequences of NOT investing in one of the fastest growing areas of the country. In other words, just saying “no” may not be the safest choice after all.
In my experience, fearful buyers need much more support since they mentally choose between possible worst-case scenarios as opposed to the upside. We need to make them feel safe with saying “yes,” as often as possible, while reinforcing that their usual default word . . . “no” . . . is really the far riskier answer when a real opportunity is at hand.

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