Implementing “The Pause” in Sales Conversations

Man presenting to a crowd with a projection screen behind him

The big engine is revving back up in many industries. Let’s get back to some selling tips.

Some of the best salespeople in the world are trial lawyers. The best ones are excellent communicators and they make it look natural, but make no mistake, they have had a ton of training and they rehearse their “pitches” to the jury down to the finest detail in what is called “moot court.” Moot court is set up in a studio that simulates a court room including opposing counsel, judge and jury. Nothing is left to chance.

One of the tips trial lawyers are taught is the emotional value of “the pause.” The pause goes something like this.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, when my client and her family proceeded through the green light into the intersection which they had crossed countless time on the way to school . . . (pause) . . . the speeding truck barreled into them and changed their lives forever!”

The lawyer uses the pause as a dramatic signal to the jury that he is going to say something especially important, because studies show that the jury is much more likely to remember the next sentence after such a pause in the discourse.

Think about using the power of the pause in your own conversations, right in front of a particularly important point you want your prospects to remember.

It is a very simple yet powerful technique for emphasizing something important in your presentations or dialogue.

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