Engaging as Salespeople During These Stressful Times

Sign saying "a positive thought in the morning can change your whole day"

I’m sure you are very interested in how best to communicate with prospects and clients during today’s hyper-stressful times. As salespeople, you certainly do not want to be trite or minimize things because everybody is processing the situation differently and peoples’ individual challenges can vary enormously. But you have to do your job.

So, how do you navigate these tricky waters?

We like the concept of spreading some good news. Rather than falling into still another conversation about the virus, civil unrest or the economy, there are all sorts of stories out there about positive things that are happening.

You have to dig for them a little because mainstream and social media like to lead with the train wrecks to attract attention, but there are always seeds of optimism and hope you can reference to lift peoples’ spirits a little as you engage.

Try Googling “good news media.”  You will find examples like Good News Network, Positive News and many others that provide daily doses of fresh air. You have no idea about who owns them or political leanings, etc.

Now, we are not endorsing anybody, the point is that these “good news” outlets can provide some great, positive conversation starters to lighten your prospects and clients up a little. That can be challenging today, but the classic sales law still applies . . . “raise the mood, make the sale.”

PS: walking the walk . . . a headline from The Good News Network, “A Teen Who Cleaned Up the City Alone for Ten Hours After a Protest Receives a Car and a Scholarship.”

That’s pretty cool!

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