The Psychology of “NO”

For such a small word, it is amazing how much power the word “no” carries in our language. “No” can completely short circuit a conversation. “No” can stifle creativity and stop collaboration cold. “No” can harken back to… Read More

A Reminder to K.I.S.S.

When preparing for sales calls or presentations, salespeople often forget to K.I.S.S . . . Keep it Simple Stupid. Salespeople, as a rule, talk too much. WAY too much. One study determined that on a typical sales call… Read More

The Importance of Collaborative Teamwork

While we are all more isolated than we would like to be these days, we need to keep jumping on the phone or video conferencing to solve problems and generate creativity with our colleagues. Here’s why. In our… Read More

The Psychology of Engagement

It’s well-established that in school, students learn faster and retain information much better when they are interacting with the material rather than just hearing a lecture. The exact same dynamic applies to selling. You can dramatically increase your… Read More

Engaging as Salespeople During These Stressful Times

I’m sure you are very interested in how best to communicate with prospects and clients during today’s hyper-stressful times. As salespeople, you certainly do not want to be trite or minimize things because everybody is processing the situation… Read More

Implementing “The Pause” in Sales Conversations

The big engine is revving back up in many industries. Let’s get back to some selling tips. Some of the best salespeople in the world are trial lawyers. The best ones are excellent communicators and they make it… Read More

Relationship Selling is Key, Even During a Crisis

There is a mirror image, a flipside if you will, to the challenges the current economy brings to you as salespeople. That is, it is the best time in years to take customers away from your competitors and… Read More

Open Your Next Sales Call With this Powerful Twist

We know from research that generating an interactive dialogue is a much more effective means of selling than simply presenting a “show and tell” monologue. A great way to set the tone for an interactive meeting is to… Read More

Waste Time . . . Watch Your Hopes and Dreams Disappear!

I do a lot of individual sales coaching. Every client is different and has different goals and needs, but the number one challenge I run into almost every time is time management. A salesperson starts out the week… Read More

My All Time Favorite Tip

People often ask me, of all the different tips and advice I have written and spoken about over the years, do I have a favorite that stands out above all the others?  Of course, communication and selling through… Read More