A Reminder to K.I.S.S.

Keep it simple stupid

When preparing for sales calls or presentations, salespeople often forget to K.I.S.S . . . Keep it Simple Stupid.

Salespeople, as a rule, talk too much. WAY too much. One study determined that on a typical sales call salespeople talk 78% of the time. That is not collaboration. That is domination . . . and buyers don’t like it.

Salespeople also often add extra words or complex PowerPoints to try to impress prospects, but this has exactly the opposite effect they are hoping for.

In a study (Meyer et. al 2001) subjects were asked to watch a video animated with narration. Some subjects received extra information at the bottom of the screen. Those who received this extra information performed worse on a test of their understanding of the presentation.

The more bells and whistles added, the less memorable the presentation became.

So, stop talking and start listening, and remember this simple rule . . .

The More You Say, The Less They Hear.

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