The Mask: How Buyers Reveal Their Preferences

Guy wearing glasses, smiling, while sitting at computer working

Most of us know intuitively that we each have two personas in play:

  1. The person we really are.
  2. The person we want the world to think we are.

Both affect our buying decisions, but the second persona, our “mask,” so to speak, provides terrific clues to salespeople about how to understand and connect to buyers’ egos.

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A Zoom Backlash is Coming

You know, when a Tsunami hits there is always a counter reaction as the water gets pulled out first and then comes roaring back? I predict the same thing is coming relative to remote work and Zoom type meetings.

Yes, there is going to be an adjustment and a “blend” in which workers will be given the option to work from home “some” of the time, but they will also come into the office for meetings as deemed productive.

The funny thing is that companies are not going to be the ones that drive this counter wave.

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Selling Through Relationships – Now More Than Ever!

sales women sitting in front of computer smiling

People have been asking me if selling through relationships is becoming less important in the age of remote communication. I would argue that the remote revolution is serving up the opportunity of a lifetime for salespeople who take the initiative to leverage this historic opportunity to stand out.  

Here is what I mean.

People are sick of, and getting sick from, too much isolation. Yes, it can be efficient and it’s nice to knock out or reduce that commute, but almost everyone I talk to is going a little crazy with the reduction of their social interaction and the interruption of their interests and passions, whether that be sports or eating in restaurants, travel or gym workouts.

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Turn Your Prospect Upside Down

Glass ball that shows landscape upside down

Want to have a little fun and stand out with a prospect who you know is creative and has a sense of humor?

 Send a letter printed “upside down” on your stationery that goes something like this.

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Engaging as Salespeople During These Stressful Times

Sign saying "a positive thought in the morning can change your whole day"

I’m sure you are very interested in how best to communicate with prospects and clients during today’s hyper-stressful times. As salespeople, you certainly do not want to be trite or minimize things because everybody is processing the situation differently and peoples’ individual challenges can vary enormously. But you have to do your job.

So, how do you navigate these tricky waters?

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Elevating Your Client Relationships Amid a Crisis

Hello everybody,

We ceased our weekly blog during the month of April because, frankly, we are all receiving so many emails these days that are not really “value add” and we just did not want to be part of that avalanche of information. 

Our job is to help you build relationships and sell more/better and we figured you had enough on your plate this past month without our take on world affairs.

But the world economy is slowly starting to crank back up again, and it is time for you, as a salesperson, to start planning ahead and looking over the horizon when the supply chain will surely repair itself.

So, let’s get into the thick of it again, together.

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Taking a Passionate Interest in Our Clients

One of the fellows who inspired my book, “Mr Shmooze,” likes to tell his salespeople:

“If you know a customer’s passion, and pay attention to it, you can find the key to any client’s heart.”

And do you want to know what is so great about people, which presents aware salespeople like us endless relationship growing opportunities?

The almost infinite amount of passions our clients have! All we have to do is ask.

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